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November 2018

New York, NY

Directed by Jonathan Taikina Taylor

By Charles L. Mee

The House of Cards

Imagine a room, both stark prison and exquisite library. An imprisoned war criminal lavishes through retirement. His is a space of reflection, reenactment, retching, and remembrance. He plants his stories into a pots and soil for the woman he will leave behind. She fills his dreams with music.

Throughout the play his words sprout, growing from one person’s voice to the voice of thousands. For his guests, the play celebrates the human ability to persist through hardship and move forward.

The production explores the relationship between image and history. The actor takes on shapes of war, of violence, and fills them with stories of the animal kingdom and human banality and brutality. The stories, structured on the evils of Chile’s dictatorship, are scaffolding for our own pain. The music grows us towards resolution and change, making sense of our pasts to offer new futures to those who come after us.

After presenting Un Castillo De Cartás in collaboration with Cia de Subsuelo at Teatro de Bolsillo in Santiago, Chile, The SuperGeographics brought both the English and Spanish Language productions of Charles Mee’s House of Cards to The Brick Theatre in Brooklyn, NY.

Castillo de Cartás is performed by Juan Diego Bonilla (Chile) and Daneila Lewysohn (Chile) and is directed by Jonathan Taikina Taylor (United States). The play is written by US playwright Charles L Mee Jr. Un Castillo de Cartás is a co-production between In The Water Theatre Company and Cia de Subsuelo performed at Teatro de Bolsillo in Santiago de Chile.

New York, NY

November 2018

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